Hi! I’m Yoshika. I’m a TESOL Ed.M. candidate at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education and Human Development. I’m also a recent graduate of Boston College. I love being a full-time student but I’m also looking forward to graduating in the summer of 2021.

At a young age, I loved school and knew that I wanted to be a teacher but I was also keenly aware of educational inequalities. For this reason, I’m passionate about the intersection of ESL, literacy, and urban education. I cultivated this interest through working in a variety of educational settings. This includes working in the realms of ESL/EFL, high school ELA, early childhood education, and urban education. Moving forward, my goal is to work as a high school ESL or SEI ELA teacher in the Boston area.

In my spare time, I write poetry and creative nonfiction. Drawing on my education background, I write to help others by holding up a mirror to myself and society. My studies of the English language have also fueled my creative work. I find myself constantly breaking down the English language and rebuilding it in new iterations.

Thanks for stopping by!