Teaching Portfolio

Sample Lessons

ESL Unit Plan

The high school ESL unit is about inspirational people, with a focus on influential people of color from different walks of life. The weekly theme is about inspirational Black artists. The language focus of this subunit is to make comparisons through comparative adjectives, sequencing words, and sentence structures with conjunctions. Access the plan here.

EFL Lesson Plan

This is a superlative gallery walk designed for middle school and high school English as a Foreign Language students. Through a combination of movement and interesting questions, this lesson encourages active participation. Access the lesson here.

SEI ELA Lesson Plan

This lesson was created for a 10th grade SEI English class. It is about how imagery is used in Lord of the Flies to describe the book’s setting. Access a powerpoint for the lesson here.


Today’s Lesson


In this monthly education column, Yoshika shared research-based classroom best practices and lesson plans. Yoshika ran this column in Good Morning Aomori from October 2018 to May 2020.

Selected articles from Today’s Lesson: