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Outside Wrld

DSC_0634This series of poems is what a coming of age story looks like when you’ve grown up in a secret society. This work in progress is loosely based on my personal experiences.




Extra Bold


My first micro chapbook, Extra Bold, is a collection of poems that shows the progression of one woman’s life from childhood to adulthood. Lucinda Sato navigates through hardships, questions of her identity, and love with boldness. The origins of this collection are rooted in a poetry workshop with Paul Mariani. Read Extra Bold


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Today’s Lesson

todays-lessonIn this monthly education column, I shared research-based classroom best practices and lesson plans. I ran this column in Good Morning Aomori from October 2018 to May 2020 while I was teaching English in Japan.

Selected articles from Today’s Lesson:


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Interviews, Features, and More

IllquitThe Paper Napkin, a Boston based publication by service workers, interviewed me as their Issue 1 featured poet. Read her poem The Poet-Waitress and her Q&A on Issuu


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